Weekly Update!

Well, where do I begin? It has been an eventful week for sure.

Monday, as scheduled, we had our lockdown drill, where the students did really well. They followed instructions and waited quietly until Mr. Morris came and released us from lockdown.

On Monday we also had skating, which was a lot of fun! The kids seemed to have a great time and were so well-behaved at the rink. I’m sure some of you may have heard already, but it came as a big surprise to many of them that I don’t really know how to skate, and they found this to be quite humorous (I may have used a bar the entire time to skate ;)). Thank you to all the parents who came out to join us and who helped tie up all those skates, that is quite a big job getting them all out on the ice! I will post some pictures at the bottom.

Tuesday the school closed early due to the power outage. The storm provided quite a bit of excitement! Thank you so much parents for your quick responses in collecting your children. As I was phoning parents to pick up students, I realized that my phone list printed in September was not up to date, and I will be sure to print off a new list.

Wednesday we had to evacuate the building due to a faint smell of gas. Students enjoyed some extra play time out on the playground! Thankfully it wasn’t raining! After the situation was resolved, we were able to go back in and resume our work.

Thursday, once again, we had a power outage and a faint smell of gas from the same area as the day before. We evacuated the building and students waited patiently in the parking lot, until it we were cleared to return to the building, while they waited for parents. Once again, thank you for your quick response in picking your children up. I talked to some of you yesterday and you informed me that you had not received a phone call to pick your child up but instead had received the news from elsewhere. Just wanted to let you know that the office staff were making the calls and it takes time to get through the entire list, but calls were being made. We have been working on how to effectively and quickly communicate with parents in situations such as this. Thank you for your understanding.

It has been a crazy and chaotic week and I just want to thank you all for your flexibility and patience as we have worked through the different situations that arose this week! It is much appreciated.

Next week is a new week, a fresh week! Let’s hope it runs a little more smoothly 🙂

Dates to Remember:

Monday, November 23rd – PRO-D Day – No school

Wednesday, November 25th – Knight Day

Friday, November 27th 

  • Skating – we will be leaving at 12:30 again
  • Book Orders Due


Due to the fact that we have had such a crazy week, and have lost so much class time, we will be working on the same words as this past week.

Bible Memory

This will be announced soon. We have started discussing our Christmas program and once I figure out what our role is going to be in the program, we will start working on something related to that.

I have been intending this week to test the students on Psalm 138, but again, due to the craziness that this week has been, I have not finished having them all recite it. I will continue to do this in the week ahead.


Bring your poetry and home reading books on Tuesday.

Some of your children have decided to audition for a part as one of the wisemen for the Christmas Play. If you child has brought home lines, they need to work on memorizing them and then next week they will audition with Mrs. Caswell. If they brought it home it does not mean they have a part yet, it is just to practice.

Friday Skating

  • Students must remember to bring a helmet!
  • Play clothes may be worn on Friday
  • Once again, parents are welcome to join us and skate (and invited to assist with tying skates), but due to the number of students, siblings will not be allowed on the ice
  • Our ice time is from 1-2pm, we will be leaving the school at 12:30IMG_0219

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