Weekly Update

Well, it has been another full week in Grade Two, but the highlight was definitely our Decorating Party on Tuesday afternoon. Thank you so much to Mrs. Shaw and Mrs. Jean-Pierre for coming in and helping us create all our decorations for the classroom. The room looks great! And also a huge thank you to those parents who sent snacks, the kids definitely enjoyed them all 🙂

Dates to Remember:

Wednesday, December 9th – Full Dress Uniform

Friday, December 11th

  • Pro-D Day
  • Parent-Teacher Interviews – If you would like to set up an appointment to meet with me on this day, between 1-4pm, call or talk to the office to set that up.


Due to the fact that we have a short week, as well as we have a lot of other things going on … rehearsing for Christmas concert, etc. we will have no more spelling lists for this year. We will start back up again in January!

Bible Memory 

We are working on a poem for the Christmas concert.

We wise men travelled from afar. Following the Christmas star. When it stopped we jumped for joy, and worshipped baby Jesus boy. We each brought gifts to share with you, we saw a babe, so brand new. In the manger, on that night, that tiny babe, what a sight. How could we know when we saw his face, He’d be the one to change this place.


Bring in your Home Reading/Poetry books on Monday

Food Drive – Grade Two’s have been doing a great job so far, keep up the good work! Everyone is very excited in the morning when we count up our points and add it to our total!

The countdown for Christmas is on! We can definitely feel the excitement as it gets closer and closer 🙂

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