Weekly Update

Well, it was a short week and it felt like each day just flew by. We had a lockdown drill on Thursday and most of the students did great. They listened well, and followed procedure. Have a great weekend!

Dates to Remember:

Wednesday, November 23rd – Crazy Hat Day

Friday, November 25th – half day – 12:15 dismissal


  1. bow
  2. letter
  3. soon
  4. very
  5. rich
  6. best
  7. zip
  8. brave
  9. face
  10. far
  11. sold
  12. told
  13. nine
  14. new
  15. spent
  16. block
  17. down
  18. dear
  19. formed
  20. end

Bible Memory:

I am going to spend this week testing Psalm 138.

Reminders and Other Information:

  • Thank you for remembering to send in your home reading on your assigned day. It has been really great to read with the kids each week. i enjoy watching as they progress and grow in this area.
  • Reminder to make sure you are sending your child with appropriate outside weather clothes as we still send them outside when it is chilly, and many are still coming without coats.

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