Friday Update

Two weeks and counting …. and time is just flying by. We have been so busy, and there has been so much going on that I have a hard time keeping track of the days sometimes! We are finishing up many things, much to the excitement of the students (no more spelling and phonograms … they are pretty stoked about that … ). And we are continuing on with our countdown each day, which has brought lots of joy and fun. They eagerly anticipate each morning when we get to pop the balloon and see what the day holds. We had our First Nations Cultural Day, which the students all seemed to enjoy thoroughly. Thanks to Shauna Jimmie for all her help with today! It was very much appreciated!

Dates to Remember:

Wednesday, June 14th – Talent Show and also a half day (noon dismissal)

Bible Memory:

I have tested all of the students on their Bible memory.

Reminders and Other Information:

  • Please return your Home Reading books
  • Permission slips for the waterslides have gone home, please return those signed
  • Any outstanding library books need to be returned to school so that you won’t be charged

Pictures from Our Week:

Countdown Continued …

# 4 – Eat lunch with whoever and where ever you want

# 5 – Scavenger Hunt

# 6 – Sidewalk Chalk


# 7 – Do all your work with a pencil crayon … while this one was fun in theory, it made things a little tricky for some 😉

First Nations Cultural Day (because we were not working in our classroom, or in our normal routine for the day, we did not pop a balloon on Friday)

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