Friday Update

It has been a great week! We had a surprise fire drill (a toaster somewhere in the building) while the children were all on the playground at lunch. They all did such an amazing job of responding to the whistle and finding their teacher, even though they didn’t understand why. I was proud of how quickly they all obeyed. A huge thank you to all the parents that came out to our Parent Welcome Night, it was great to be able to connect and chat with some of you. Feel free to stop in any time with questions or concerns. We had some fun tasting different types of apples, playing new games in gym, and starting to work in our Math books.

Dates to Remember:

Wednesday, September 26th – Knight Day/Hot dog hot lunch

Friday, September 28th

  • Toonies for Terry (information below)
  • September scholastic orders will be placed after school

Spelling and Phonograms:

It will be our first week with 20 words. Remember that Spelling City is available through my blog to help your children practice at home each evening.

List will be introduced on Monday, September 24th, and tested on Friday, September 28th

  1. call
  2. row
  3. salt
  4. belong
  5. bring
  6. bite
  7. get
  8. send
  9. coat
  10. tell
  11. how
  12. yard
  13. low
  14. other
  15. men
  16. apple
  17. well
  18. late
  19. that
  20. them

igh, ed, oy, ai, ui, wor, sh, or, ie, ck

If you are new to the school, and you look at these each week and wonder what in the world these are, they are our phonograms, which help us to sound out and learn to read. A set of all 70 phonograms can be purchased at the school office so that you can help your child practice them each evening at home.

Bible Memory:

Hebrews 11:1-3

“Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see. Through their faith, the people in days of old earned a good reputation. By faith we understand that the entire universe was formed at God’s command, that what we now see did not come from anything that can be seen.” 

Reminders and Other Information:

  • Pumpkin patch field trip permission slips – please get these to me if you have not yet handed it in
  • Bring in Comfort Kits
  • Toonies for Terry – On September 28th we will spend some time talking about Terry Fox and we will participate in our own Terry Fox run. If you would like to donate “Toonies for Terry” to be used for cancer research, it would be much appreciated!
  • Purdy’s Campaign
    Catalogs are available at the school office – 25% of each student’s sales goes in their Student reserve account.

    Prizes will be given to Families with the highest sales.

    Orders are due at the school office by Friday Nov. 23, 2018

    Orders will be available for pick up on Friday Dec. 7, 2018

Home Reading:

I have sent home with your child Home Reading for the first times. I have spent the first couple of weeks reading with each of your children, assessing where they are at. If your child is going to Learning Assistance, they will not have received a Home Reading book from me, but will take one home from Ms. Couse.

Students succeed when they read. Reading occurs at school, but practice at home is also an essential part of your child’s education. Students are expected to read for a minimum of 20 minutes a day, 5 days a week. They may read on their own, with a parent, or with a sibling or friend.

I have created a schedule and that will be the day that I read with your child. When they read with me, I will be checking for fluency, as well as comprehension. If I feel they are successful in reading and understanding the book, I will give them a new book. If they still need more practice, I will send it home again, and we will try again next time. Please do your best to make sure that books are remembered on the correct day.

Students are not limited to reading just the book they are sent home with, however, it is a book that is at their own reading level. I expect that they will practice the one I send home each evening, and then take the time to enjoy other books. The book I send home is age and level appropriate. I realize it might seem a little bit redundant, but it is important to have the repetition and the practice, over and over,  to build fluency and to have good comprehension.

When they have completed their home reading for the day, they can fill out the form and get it signed by a parent (only sign it one time per day). Please return the form when it is complete for a reading prize.

I would love to see every student reading at home and participating in our Home Reading program. It will go a long way in helping your child become a better reader.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an email or come see me.

Reading Schedule:

Monday – Gracie, Aislin, Lily, Janaea

Tuesday – Casandra, Jediah, Zachary, Emma

Wednesday – Sophia, Emily, Jesse

Thursday – Adalyn, Kesler, Kiara, Ben

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