Weekly Update

I hope that you have a great long weekend after a busy week in Grade 2. We enjoyed Service Day, on Monday, with our buddies. We worked together to make a nuts and bolts snack for the Cyrus Centre, as well as making cards for the staff and volunteers at Cyrus Centre to thank them for all their hard work. We enjoyed being able to wear jeans to school on Wednesday, and it’s great that we can support BC Children’s Hospital at the same time 🙂 Interim reports went home on Wednesday, and I have a schedule with several interviews already set up. If you did not yet let me know that you would like one for tomorrow, I still have some space in my day if you would like to set up a time to meet with me. Have a great weekend!

Dates to Remember:

Tuesday, May 7th – Stranger Danger Assembly

Wednesday, May 8th – First Nation’s Day

Spelling and Phonograms:

  1. talk
  2. walk
  3. country
  4. half
  5. gone
  6. done
  7. soap
  8. black
  9. clothe
  10. clothing
  11. power
  12. road
  13. stream
  14. church
  15. dash
  16. feed
  17. news
  18. suit
  19. table
  20. dead

ph, ar, wh, oo, ough. gn, tch, aw, ti, igh

Bible Memory:

  • new verse to be introduced soon

Reminders and Other Information:

  • remember your home reading

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