Weekly Update

Hard to believe we have just 9 days left until Christmas holidays! We have had a great week in Grade 2. Started the week off with our decorating party, and I must say, our classroom looks amazing! A huge thank you to all of the parents that came out to help us with that, we couldn’t do it without you! We also had a fire drill on Tuesday, always good to check in and review what to do in the case of an emergency. Food drive has been happening all week, and continues on, until the 18th of December.

Dates to Remember:

Tuesday, December 10th – Buddy Christmas Party

Friday, December 13th

  • Knight Day
  • Christmas Games afternoon

Monday, December 16th

  • Grade 4-12 Christmas Concert – 6:30pm
  • Christmas Movie Afternoon

Thursday, December 19th

  • Christmas Concert – 1pm – dismissed after the concert
  • Holidays BEGIN!


No more spelling lists until the new year.

Reminders and Other Information:

  • sight words – practice and return these – lots of you are not doing this, please make it a priority to practice and return them
  • Our annual food drive is set to begin on November 25th! This year our class has been paired up with the grade 4’s and our challenge is to bring in as many cans of tuna or canned meat as possible. Our team will be awarded 5 points for every can of tuna/meat brought in. All other food items will be given 1 point. If you prefer to send in money, each dollar will be awarded 5 points. December 18th will be the final day to donate. I love this fundraiser as it blesses children and families in our own communities!
  • Our Primary Christmas Concert will be held on December 19th at 1pm. This year the Grade Twos will be dressing up as wisemen. We will wear crowns (I will provide) and each student needs to wear their uniform, and bring a scarf. The scarf will be worn diagonally over their uniform.
  • for our buddy Christmas Party, I need each student to bring one full toilet paper roll

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