FreshGrade Changes – Please Complete

Good afternoon Parents,

I am going to be sending each of you an email that has an access code. It is for FreshGrade. Currently, I post pictures and you can see them and comment on them, but I’d like to get it set up so that you can also send me pictures and videos.

I’m hoping that I can explain this to you well, but if you have further questions, feel free to email me your questions.

Look up FreshGrade online. Log In under FRESHGRADE CLASSIC. It will provide you with three options …Parent, Teacher, and Student. Typically you have logged in under parent. I have changed the settings on my end, and you are now able to login as student. When you log in as student, it allows you to upload pictures and videos for me to see. You will be required to enter the access code that I am going to email each of you individually. Please enter that code.

Then, I would like each of you to upload a picture of yourself – it can be a picture showing me how you feel about going back to school in this new way, or doing something really fun today … anything you want, you just have to upload a picture 🙂



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