April 6th – 9th

Alright everyone, we are kicking off our at home schooling week 1!

I am excited to see how this rolls out, as it has been a very busy week of trying to figure it all out. I hope this all seems manageable, and that we can have great success. I am hoping that I have been very clear about how this works, and that everything you need is easily at your fingertips. That being said, I am available by email as needed, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask for help.

What you see below is a ‘Learn at Home Menu’. The menu is a snapshot of the activities that we will try to accomplish this coming week April 6-9th. You can print it out and hang it on your fridge. My goal is that students will choose three academic activities plus a physical activity each day. The instructions for each activity with pictures and videos will be on different pages: Math, Reading, Writing, and Other … and then there is a page for Physical Activity, as well. You should see these pages at the top of the blog. Look here for instructions for everything. I am asking for pictures of many of the activities, this is how I am going to be be assessing, and holding accountable … it also gives me some information about where to go in my video conference with your child. So please, make sure you are posting pictures onto FreshGrade.

This is a goal and we can evaluate the amount of work it is at the end of the week. I think some of you will want more and some will be happy with the Weekly Menu. We will evaluate together at the end of the week. My goal is not to overwhelm either of us!

Learn at Home Menu – Week 1

This week is a short week. Friday is Good Friday, so I have only provided activities for 4 days. I look forward to see all the great work that is going on, and to chatting with your children at their conference time this week 🙂

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