BrainPop Junior

Happy Sunday everyone! I’m sorry to be messaging you on Sunday, but I want to try and have everything set up for you to be ready to go this week and there is one more thing I need you to sign up for to complete your jobs this week.

  1. Go to BrainPop Jr. (just type it in google)
  2. Click on ‘Enter Code’ at the top
  3. Enter your class code ( our class code is sister2876)
  4. Create an account – make sure you save your account username and password or write it down somewhere so you can access BrainPop Jr. again

Code: sister2876

Once you are on the website you will see a notification – if you click on that you will see the first assignment that I have assigned – it is about the water cycle – and it is one of the jobs for this week.

Thanks so much! And if you need any help figuring this out, feel free to email me.

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