Friday Update

We have had a beautiful week this week! It was busy, with lots of fun things happening. From  apple volcanoes and skittle rainbow experiments, stain glass apple art, to rainbows and finishing our letter printing booklets, it has been full. We also had Orange Shirt day. It has been a good week. (Don’t forget to read about it in the letter your child wrote for you).

Dates to Remember:

Tuesday, October 6th – Healthy Relationships Assembly

Friday, October 9th – Knight Day


List will be introduced on Monday, October 5th, and tested on Friday, October 9th.

  1. his
  2. just
  3. about
  4. much
  5. ball
  6. law
  7. lay
  8. soft
  9. path
  10. as
  11. lone
  12. alone
  13. one
  14. food
  15. five
  16. led
  17. year
  18. house
  19. way
  20. some

Reminders and Other Information:

  • Home Reading – make sure you are reading with your child every night – return their book baggie when you have completed 5 days of reading
  • Remember to complete your child’s health check every day
  • Planners go home and come back to school every day (we will write spelling words in them at the beginning of the week, please don’t do it at home with your child)
  • Don’t forget to bring a water bottle every day – no water fountains available
  • Friday Letters – write a letter back to your child this weekend – they LOVED opening them up and reading your response today – please make it a priority to do this – it is hard when they are the only one not getting a response
  • Homework – when your child misses school, I will be sending them home the next day with a homework folder that has some of the work that they need to catching up on from the days they have missed – I try to do some things with them in class, but some of it will need to be done at home – thanks for supporting them in this way
  • Comfort Kits – bring them in if you haven’t yet!


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