Friday Update

Short week, but lots packed into it! We started talking about the Armour of God in Bible, and this has been an interesting thing to start talking about. We talked about how we have to ‘put on’ the armour, and then we were pretending to do so. But we are also starting to unpack each of them individually, learning what it means to ‘put on’ because it isn’t a literal thing (which some of them are still wrapping their heads around). We also started a new unit in Science all about Water. We did an experiment to start the unit. We hypothesized if it was possible to turn a glass of water upside down, with a card blocking the opening … and there was great excitement when it actually worked!

Dates to Remember:

Tuesday, February 23rd – Chapel

Wednesday, February 24th – Pink Shirt Day

Friday, February 26th – Knight Day


  1. seven
  2. funny
  3. blue
  4. eleven
  5. found
  6. gallon
  7. gold
  8. lost
  9. grand
  10. forgot
  11. sisters
  12. card
  13. bird
  14. fools
  15. inch
  16. supper
  17. grain
  18. game
  19. spur
  20. role

Bible Memory:

1 John 4:16

And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them.

Reminders and Other Information:

  • Home Reading – make sure you are reading with your child every night – return – their book baggie when you have completed 5 days of reading
  • Remember to complete your child’s health check every day
  • Scholastic Code: RC155750 – this is the code you will need if you are ordering online from scholastic. Thanks!
  • Continue to dress for the weather, we will be outside as much as possible!
  • remember to write a letter back to your child in their Friday letters – it is very disappointing to them when they don’t see a letter back

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