Weekly Update

Hello Everyone! Sorry for posting this later than I usually do, but I had a few last minute things to figure out.

We are quickly approaching the end of the year, only three weeks left! And I always like to end the year with a balloon countdown to the Summer. What this means is, each day at the end of the day, we will pop a balloon and in it will be something special for the next day. We will pop it the day before because sometimes there may be something they need to bring from home (and we will write a note in our planners to remind ourselves).

It was also very disappointing that we are not able to go on our field trip on Thursday, however, I do want to try and make it a special day still. We are going to do a virtual field trip to the Beach on Thursday. I know this isn’t the same as actually going somewhere, but I am hoping that we can build some fun memories in the classroom! And in honour or our virtual field trip, we can wear play clothes to school on Thursday. We will be doing our virtual field trip on June the 3rd.

June Dates:

Thursday, June 3rd – Virtual field trip to the Beach – you may wear play clothes

Friday, June 4th – Knight Day

Friday, June 11th – Knight Day

Wednesday, June 16th – Primary Fun Day

Friday, June 18th – Knight Day and Last Day of School

Reminders and Other Information:

  • return all home reading books
  • return all library books
  • don’t forget to complete your health check!

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