Friday Update

Well! We made it through our first full week of school, way to go! It has been a busy week, as we continue to learn the rules and routines of the classroom. Everyone has worked hard this week, and I’m so pleased that we are starting the year off so well. I have also been working on reading assessments, and then we will get our home reading program going after that.

Dates to Remember:

Wednesday, September 22nd – Toonies for Terry (more details below)

Friday, September 24th – Knight Day

Spelling List:

Words will be introduced on Monday, September 20th and tested on Friday, September 24th. This is our second list of ‘No Excuse’ words – these are words that are common in our everyday writing, and students will be expected to be spelling these correctly throughout the year (this is why, while they may seem easy, we are starting the year off with them).

  1. are
  2. her
  3. one
  4. were
  5. as
  6. his
  7. or
  8. what
  9. at
  10. she
  11. where
  12. be
  13. it
  14. that
  15. when

Reminders and Other Information:

  • We have no microwave in our classroom – please send lunches accordingly
  • if you have not yet sent gym shoes, headphones, kleenex boxes or paint shirts, please do so as soon as possible – these items all remain at school
  • reminder to send your child with water bottles – we don’t have a fountain in class
  • With rain in the forecast, please send your student to school with a raincoat and boots if they like puddles! We will be getting outside as much as possible for recess and lunch (even if it’s raining a little), so please send your children dressed for the weather!
  • Forks and spoons … please do your best to remember to put these in your children’s lunches – many have been forgetting this past week
  • Food with Nuts: while we are not specifically a nut free classroom, students are being strongly encouraged NOT to have nuts in their lunches at school. We have some students with severe allergies in the school, and so if a lunch does have nuts, they will have to remain seated at their desks and wash their hands after (they will not be allowed outside to eat their snacks, which could cut into their playtime)

Comfort Kits: a newsletter, as well as your old comfort kits, have gone home. Please update them and return them to school ASAP. They will be taken out of the classroom and stored away soon, (I will have no access) so please make sure you get this done.

Scholastic Orders: If you are placing a scholastic order,  you can do so online, and this is the class code that you will need: RC155750

Toonies for Terry: Each year, we celebrate the amazing achievements and life of Terry Fox and collect money to raise awareness for cancer research. We will be participating in our Terry Fox Run on September 22nd and we would ask that each student bring in a toonie to help with this cause. Thanks for partnering with us in this! The toonie can be brought in any day this week.

FreshGrade – one of the ways I like to share what we are doing in the classroom each week is with pictures, and the way that I share them is through Freshgrade. I have sent out an email request for Freshgrade, which you can accept and then receive emails when I have posted pictures or anything else for your child in particular. Please check it out, and feel free to comment on the pictures when I post them. This can also be a great way to see what we are doing in class, allowing you to then talk with your child about it! Let me know if you didn’t get the email request or it doesn’t seem to be working. Also let me know if there is another email address that you would like added as well. Thanks!

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