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Dear Families,

Most students at Highroad Academy visit the HRA Library weekly. I am honored (thrilled) to serve our students as the school Librarian and am always excited to help our students become critical thinkers, enthusiastic readers, skillful researchers, and responsible assistants.

As our library and school community continues to grow, the library is always looking for new ways to acquire new books. Here are a few ways you could help:

  • Donate quality, gently used books from your home
  • Purchase a book from the list below
  • Donate a book in honor of your child’s teacher
  • Make a financial donation
  • Support upcoming Library Fundraising Events (details to follow)

As a thank you for your donations, donated books (ones that are brand new) will be labeled on the inside cover with your family name and picture!

Current books we are looking to acquire:

National Geographic Kids – Cost $5 – $25 (Scholastics/Amazon)

Sport Illustrated for Kids – Cost $15 – $35 (Scholastics/Amazon)

Rocks and Minerals for Kids – Cost $5 – $25 (Scholastics/Amazon)

Mighty Machines, Planes, Trains, Automobiles – Cost $10 – $35 (Scholastics/Amazon/Bookman/Nuggets)

I Survived by Lauren Tarshis – Any title – Cost $5 – $15 (Scholastics/Amazon/Bookman/Nuggets)

Other books:

The Gift of the Inuksuk   $27.01 Hardcover (Amazon)

Mr. Hiroshi’s Garden   $23.67 Hardcover (Amazon)

Carson Crosses Canada   $22.86 Hardcover (Amazon)

These Are My Words   $17.84 Hardcover (Chapters)

Refugee on the Run   $11.54 Hardcover (Focus on the Family )

The Blackguaard Chronicles Book 5 Knight’s Scheme   $11.54 Hardcover  (Focus on the Family)

Dairen’s Rise, Arin’s Judgement, Annison’s Risk and Glennall’s Betrayal, Draven’s Defiance, Fedar’s Legacy   $20.99 Softcover 2 Book Set (Focus on the Family)

Your support of our school library is greatly appreciated! Please email questions to –


Ms. Shirley Britz 

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