Friday Update

It has been a great week in Grade 2, we have really enjoyed the sunshine all week! We have started a new weekly routine this week, called Friday Letters – check out the newsletter that went home about it, as well as information below. For writing, the students also had to choose this week, whether they prefer sunny or snowy days, and tell me about why – some of the students had a really hard time choosing as they love things about both! On Wednesday we had an earthquake drill. It is so important that we practice as though it were real, and they have shown me over and over again this year that they know what is expected, and they listen well. So that is great to see. I hope you all have an enjoyable long weekend, and we will see you back on Tuesday!

February Dates/Dates to Remember:

Monday, January 31st – Pro-d Day

Tuesday, February 1st – Assembly

Friday, February 4th

  • End of Term
  • Knight Day

Friday, February 11th

  • Report Cards go home
  • Knight Day

Monday, February 14th

  • Red, white and pink day – Valentine’s Day
  • hot lunch fundraiser (must order online ahead of time)

Friday, February 18th – Pro-d Day

Monday, February 21st – Family Day, no school

Wednesday, February 23rd – Pink Shirt day

Friday, February 25th – Knight Day


No spelling this week due to the short week.

Reminders and Other Information:

  • Complete your daily health check
  • it is helpful if you send me an email when your child is going to be away – thanks!
  • Home Reading program – read and return your books
  • Pizza Orders – please remember to PRE-ORDER if you would like pizza lunch on Tuesdays
  • Reminder to send your child with water bottles – we don’t have a fountain in class

Friday Letters – I am excited for this activity that we will do each week – students went home today with a letter they have written for you, and we want you to write them back! This is a great way for them to practice a lot of the skills we are working on (printing, sentence writing, etc). The duotangs will go home every Friday, and need to be sent back with your child on Monday. There is a newsletter explaining this further in your child’s planner today. They are always very excited to read the letter from their moms and dads, so please try to make it a priority to respond to the letter that they write.


Valentine’s day: Valentine’s cards are optional, however if you choose to do them, I ask that you include the whole class

Class List: Ryan, Joelliane, Hudson, Elody, Lizanne, Zeke, Taylor, Chloe, Deliah, Cadence, Thea, Armand, Sophia, Jase, Kazsem, Lacey, Eli, Ella, Isaiah, Kalia, Micah and Emerson


Scholastic Orders: If you are placing a scholastic order,  you can do so online, and this is the class code that you will need: RC155750


2022 Guatemala!!

As a school, Highroad has linked with Compelling Love Ministries in Guatemala since 2014.  We have built classrooms in 4 villages.  If a village can provide a classroom then the government will provide a teacher in Guatemala.  The classrooms we have built have changed the futures of these villages and their kids. As the leaders of Compelling Love, Rocky and Karren Chupa work closely with a pastor in the village and this also brings an opportunity for spiritual impact.

For so many reasons it seemed clear that we couldn’t launch a mission trip this year.  We are praying that opportunity might be possible in 2023.  As a school we feel led to focus on something “outside of our community” and we are planning on building a schoolroom in Guatemala.  Looking beyond ourselves will help us to know that God is at work, that we are blessed and that we can still be a blessing.  This year’s village, Cerrania Los Mayas, has 45 families and 70 students whose present “school” is pictured on the right.

On February 14th there will be a hot lunch fundraiser with all profits going to the building fund.  Please note, too, that larger donations can go through City Life Church and receive a tax receipt.  The cost for a classroom to transform a village is about $7000.

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