Friday Update

A sunny, albeit cold and blustery week! It was wonderful to see the sun shining, but I was happy to see the children come dressed appropriately to be outside, especially on Tuesday and Wednesday. Wednesday was also Pink Shirt day. We talked about what it means to be a good friend, and what to do when we see others being unkind. I was away today (Friday) and Mrs. Milec spent the day with the Grade 2’s.

This week we did a math activity that required students to know their phone number. This was something many of the students didn’t know, so I would encourage you to work with your children to make sure they know their phone number, as well as their home address. These are important things for them to know in case they ever have an emergency. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

March Dates:

Tuesday, March 1st – Safe and Unsafe Substances Assembly

Friday, March 4th – Knight Day

Friday, March 11th – Knight Day

Thursday, March 17th

  • swimming field trip (more details to come)
  • St. Patrick’s day pancake lunch (more details to come)

Friday, March 18th

  • Knight Day
  • Last day before Spring Break

March 19th – April 3rd – Spring Break


List will be introduced on Monday, February 28th and tested on Friday, March 4th.

  1. March
  2. spring
  3. bird
  4. nest
  5. green
  6. joy
  7. forgive
  8. kind
  9. rain
  10. made
  11. want
  12. break
  13. deep
  14. prayer
  15. faithful

Reminders and Other Information:

  • Complete your daily health check
  • Respond, and return Friday Letters
  • it is helpful if you send me an email when your child is going to be away – thanks!
  • Home Reading program – read and return your books
  • Pizza Orders – please remember to PRE-ORDER if you would like pizza lunch on Tuesdays
  • Reminder to send your child with water bottles – we don’t have a fountain in class

Scholastic Orders: If you are placing a scholastic order,  you can do so online, and this is the class code that you will need: RC155750


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