Movie Night Fundraiser!

Hello everyone! We are excited to have a movie night next Saturday (May 14th) to raise money for our Highroad Greenhouse Project! We will have two movies geared towards two different age groups. Due to the weather forecast we will be doing both movies indoors in our gym on the big screen. Chairs will be set up, feel free to bring a blanket to cozy up for the movie. Friends and Family are welcome! Next Wednesday we will be announcing on our website which movies we will be playing for the event.
Movie geared towards Gr K-6 & families/friends 5:30-7:30pm (doors open 5:30, movie starts at 6)
Movie geared towards Gr 7-12 & families/friends 7:30-10pm (doors open 7:30, movie starts at 8)

Admission is $5 per person (Kids aged 2 and under are free) – Each admission ticket sold includes one bag of popcorn. We will be selling candy bags, chocolate bars, chips, snacks, and beverages at our concession that evening with all proceeds from the night going to the Greenhouse. We are excited to come together as a community and hope to see you there!

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