Merry Christmas!

Christmas holidays have arrived! I want to say a HUGE thank you for the kind words, cards and gifts that so many of you blessed me with. I am looking forward to a restful break and hope that you all are as well!

This last week was busy and full of Christmas festivities … Monday was Gingerbread day – we made Gingerbread cookies in the kitchen and decorated them. We also built a Gingerbread house for math – the students had to decide what to put on their house and had to figure out the cost. Tuesday was Grinch Day. The students were all writing about how they would make the Grinch grin, and we watched the old version of the Grinch. Wednesday was Christmas Carol day … we spent quite a bit of the day in the gym practicing for the concert, and they made a Christmas caroler art project. And then Thursday was Reindeer day …

and there were some Rowdy Reindeer in class … we played some reindeer games, completed a directed drawing of a cartoon reindeer, and read some reindeer stories!

Thanks to all who came out to the concert today. The students all worked so hard on it, and I’m proud of all the time and effort! They did such a great job!

Have a wonderful Christmas holiday, see you in the New Year!

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