Weekly Update

Well December is here, and it is going to be a whirlwind! There is lots going on, and a lot to keep on top of! We had a great decorating party on Thursday afternoon, making our classroom festive and ready for the holidays!

December Dates:

Monday, December 3rd – December scholastic orders due

Tuesday, December 4th – Garage Sale

Wednesday, December 5th – Skating field trip

Friday, December 7th – Museum field trip

Monday, December 17th – Grade 4-12 Christmas Concert @ 6:30pm

Thursday, December 20th – K-3 Christmas Concert – 1pm

Friday, December 21st – Holidays begin

Spelling and Phonograms:

  1. seven
  2. funny
  3. blue
  4. eleven
  5. found
  6. gallon
  7. lost
  8. gold
  9. grand
  10. forgot
  11. sisters
  12. card
  13. bird
  14. fools
  15. inch
  16. supper
  17. grain
  18. game
  19. spur
  20. role

ow, ng, eigh, ph, sh, ar, or, ui, tch, ur

Reminders and Other Information:

  • remember your home reading
  • Garage Sale for Ann Davis Transition HouseCome one, come all!  On Tuesday, December 4 the primary department is hosting a garage sale in the chapel.  The sale will be open before school, beginning at 8:30 until the bell rings, and after school until 3:30.  Parents are invited to shop during those times, and students will be visiting the sale during the school day with their classes.The majority of items will range in price from .25 to $2 with a few bigger pieces being priced higher.Please send children with a bit of money to shop, if you wish, and with a plastic grocery bag labelled with their name, for their purchases to go in.  This could be a great opportunity for your child to buy a little Christmas gift for a sibling!
  • Food Drive – the food drive continues until December 19th – each week is a class competition – at the end of the week it is announced which class has brought in the most points, and they receive a treat on the following Monday
    • every dollar brought in is worth 10 points
    • 5 point items:
      • mac and cheese (5 points per box)
      • chunky soup
      • canned lunches (ravioli, chilli, pork and beans, etc.)
      • canned vegetables
      • canned soup
      • canned fruit
      • Tuna
      • dry pasta
    • Every other item is 1 point each
  • Christmas Program – for the Christmas program this year the Grade 2’s are dressing in Church clothes.

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