Information for June 1st-5th

Hey Everyone,

So just a few notes and updates for moving ahead this week. I know you received the blog post from our admin, but this is just a few other details to keep in mind. Attached at the bottom is also the Week at a Glance for this week 🙂 Let me know if you have any questions.

Information for Everyone:

  • Library books need to be returned this week – by June 5th  – whether you are returning to the class or not please drop them off – either to the classroom or there is a black cart in the lobby of the school
  • Previous video conference schedule is no longer

For Those Not Returning to Class:

  • Work will continue to be posted online each week – please continue to work and submit information online as you have been doing on FreshGrade
  • One-on-one video conferences are not going to continue but I will be switching up how that looks – email will be sent out tomorrow with details

For Those Returning to Class:

  • Drop-off and Pick up
    • come as close to the bell as possible – there will be no playing outside before or after school
    • reminder that school ends at 2:30 – we will be lined up in front of the portables at the end of the day for pick-up and students will be dismissed when we see you
    • if you arrive late, you do not need to go to the office for a late slip – I will be dealing with that in the classroom – always come straight to the classroom
  • Work will be posted online each week – the days you are in class you do not have to do any other work at home; on your off days, complete the assigned tasks for those days and submit pictures on FreshGrade
  • Bring your pencil box with you each day – no journals, duotangs or other materials are required
  • Knight wear is acceptable – please wear appropriate footwear to be able to run around (we are not going to be worrying about gym shoes)
  • Bring a water bottle – there will be no access to water fountains – and snacks/lunches that your child is able to open independently

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