Home Reading

Today I am sending students with their Home Reading. This is a program that I run because it is so important for them to be reading EVERY night at home. They will come home with a book that is at their reading level.

They are to read the same book once a day for 5 days. Once they have read it, and filled out the provided form, 5 times, they will bring it back to read with me. When the entire form is filled out they can bring it in for a prize.

I will be check for fluency, as well as comprehension. Sometimes, you might think it is an easy read for your child, and that may be the case. BUT, if they do not have the comprehension to go along with the reading, then we are not reading for understanding and we are not ready to move on.

Inside the baggie with the book, is the form to fill out, as well as written instructions.

If your child attends Learning Assistance, they will not receive a baggie for Home Reading from me, they will get one from Mrs. Wilson (once she has all the permission slips).

Let me know if you have any questions.

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