Important Updates

Thanks in advance for all your patience and flexibility as it seems things are constantly changing!

Parent/Teacher InterviewsALL interviews are now going to be online. I will be sending out google meets links on Friday morning a few minutes before your scheduled meeting. We are being asked to stay at home, and run them from there.

If you have not yet signed up for a time slot, please do so.–xiZn3mIWj5VL0BA/edit?usp=sharing

Pay to wear casual and Guatemala Hot Lunch day have been CANCELLED. it will be rescheduled at a later date. On December 1st please send your child in uniform and with a lunch!


Jersey Day – this is on Wednesday, November 24th. Students may wear a sports jersey or t-shirt, or a knight t-shirt. You may wear your uniform if you choose not to wear a sports jersey.


Salvation Army Food Drive – begins Wednesday, December 1st

  • We are setting a school goal of $6000 by December 15th 
  • if we reach our goal, we will have an Animal Dress Up day when we return after Christmas break
  • We are inviting students and families to DONATE money to the food drive as the Salvation Army has more buying power than we do. All donations go to the SCHOOL OFFICE.

Right now, the Salvation Army can use all the money they can get as they are taking the lead on meal efforts for flood relief, providing extra supplies for those affected by this current situation, and then have a list of those already on the list for hampers and other needs this holiday.

I will continue to update you as things change and I have information. Thanks for being patient and understanding as we work through a constantly changing season!

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