Valentine’s List

Hello all! I hope you are keeping safe and warm at home on this cold and icy day. What a crazy week it has been!

I don’t know if we will have school tomorrow or not, and I know some of you are trying to work on Valentine’s for Tuesday … so here is a class list:

  1. Katlin Y.
  2. Nathan
  3. Sophia
  4. Rebecca
  5. Brayden
  6. Liam
  7. Josh
  8. Nora
  9. Mya
  10. Hailee
  11. Dyllan
  12. Kaitlin O.
  13. Grace
  14. Riley
  15. Lyla
  16. Evan
  17. Emma
  18. Sebastien
  19. Jadon
  20. Owen
  21. Calleigh

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