Going Forward …

Good evening everyone. I hope all of you were able to make it out to the meeting this evening and get the latest update from Stuart about everything that is going on and how we are planning to navigate these latest challenges. While it has been a difficult week, we were reminded this morning in our meetings that we have so much to be grateful for still, and that we will get through this together. God is still sovereign, he is on his throne and we can trust him to carry us through. So no matter where you are at as a family with all of this, lean into his strength, and we will just keep taking one day at a time.

So while I will make some announcements or plans here for you all, please keep in mind that everything is fluid and things are constantly changing on us.

As we work through these recent challenges, there are several ways that you, as parents, can help us out! First of all, we would like to continue to strongly encourage you to drop-off as close to the 8:45 time as possible. For after school, students need to be picked up before 3:15 at the very latest so we can minimize the congregating of parents and students on the school property.

If you are feeling uncomfortable with having your child at school or your child is feeling ill, and you are keeping your child home please let the office and myself know so that we can plan accordingly. In this blog post, you will find activities that you can do with your child at home that are based on the activities happening at school.


  • focusing on three digit subtraction, with regrouping – write out some questions, solve
  • skip counting practice by 2,3, 5 and 10
  • Addition war – with cards or dice
  • prodigy

Language Arts:

  • writing topic this week: how to drive your teacher crazy
    • remember to introduce your topic, and then add detail, detail, detail
    • make your sentences/writing interesting (triple scoop words, magical words – when, sometimes, once, if)
    • don’t forget your writing goals
  • Picture prompt – tomorrow I will upload a picture to the blog, students write a little story about the picture and using the key words – they have done this many times before so it will be familiar to them
  • Reading – keep them reading each day, for at least a half hour


  • Butterfly research – learn about what and how they eat, the life cycle of a butterfly, and some interesting facts
    • Draw a picture of each stage of the life cycle, label it, and write one important detail about each stage
    • Make a list of what they eat, and write a sentence underneath the list about how they eat.
    • Make a list of 5 interesting facts that you learned about butterflies – make sure you use full sentences (and don’t just copy the sentence directly from the book)
      • read/listen to books on butterflies on EPIC
        • https://www.getepic.com/
        • login to Ms. Rast’s Class
        • password is: ren6563
      • other online resources to watch and learn about butterflies are also great

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