Phew! We made it through the first week, yay!

I hope that you all had a restful and relaxing summer and are ready and excited to get back into the swing of things. I am looking forward to all that God has in store for us this year, and I hope you are as well. This week has been full of information; learning routines and rules in the classroom, as well as just getting to know each other. I know that I haven’t met all of you, or had many face to face conversations, but please know that you can email me and communicate with me, and we will set up appointments as needed. I look forward to getting to know you all more this year.

Lots of information coming your way … I’m sure I will forget things, so please be sure to check back here for the details. I typically post to my blog every Friday about what is going on in the week ahead, as well as all other important information that you will need. Please make sure you refer to the blog for all the details.

Updated School Start time: Thank you for a wonderful start to the school year. We also want to thank you for taking the time to do your health checks with your children! Just a note to our fabulous parents on our school starting time! Our school doors will be opening at our traditional time of 8:55. Classrooms will be closed until that time as teachers work hard to prepare classroom materials, set up their classroom and participate in before school meetings. We encourage parents to try to arrive at the school between 8:45 and 8:55. However, if students arrive earlier, they can head to the playground where we will have supervision. At 8:55, the school bell will ring and students will be welcomed into the school. On days that are extreme rain days, students will be brought into the gym. Students can enter the gym through the side gym door and head to their grade area. On these rainy days, we would again encourage families to try and bring students as close to the start of school as possible as activities will be limited in the gym.
End of day dismissal: the end of the day dismissal has returned to normal, which in Grade 2 means that students will be free to leave the classroom. Please arrange with your child where you would like them to meet you (if you don’t have a meeting spot, they will go to the playground)

Food with Nuts: while we are not specifically a nut free classroom, students are being strongly encouraged NOT to have nuts in their lunches at school. We have some students with severe allergies in the school, and so if a lunch does have nuts, they will have to remain seated at their desks and wash their hands after (they will not be allowed outside to eat their snacks, which could cut into their playtime)

Planners have gone home and this will be a very effective way to communicate back and forth – I check it each morning, Please be sure to sign them and send them to school every day

Gym shoes – please send indoor running shoes, which will remain in lockers all year long. Gym days are Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday

Library is on Wednesday

If you have not yet brought in Kleenex boxes, paint shirt, and headphones please do so as soon as possible

Water bottles – I would encourage each student to have a water bottle … we don’t have a water fountain in the classroom, so it is important that they have a way to have a drink when hot and thirsty

Tell Me About Your Child information sheets went home this week, and I would appreciate if you would fill it out and send it back to class with your child. It is helpful for me to have some information to get the year started off right, and to know what you want me to know about your child.

Dates to Remember:

Thursday, September 16th – Picture day

Friday, September 17th – Knight day

Friday, September 24th – Knight day

Wednesday, September 29th – Orange Shirt day

Thursday, September 30th – Truth and Reconciliation day – no school

Friday, October 1st – Pro-d – no school


Spelling lists will begin this week. The students will write the words in their planners on Tuesday, so please don’t write them in for them.

The list will be introduced on Monday and tested on Friday. Typically, the lists will be 15 words, for this week only it is 10. We are starting the first couple of weeks with what we call ‘No Excuse’ words, meaning that these should always spelt correctly in our daily writing.

  1. I (must be capitalized)
  2. no
  3. this
  4. all
  5. had
  6. not
  7. to
  8. am
  9. have
  10. of

I know this is a lot of information all at once, and I’m sure there are things that I have forgotten. So bare with me as we get everything started and off the ground, settling into a routine will come over the next few weeks!

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