Friday Update

We made it through the first week! It has been so good to connect with many of you over the first few days of school, to chat about your child and the year ahead. I am looking forward to all that we have ahead for us, and I hope you are as well. Have a wonderful weekend.

September Dates:

Tuesday, September 12th – Picture Day

Wednesday, September 13th – Welcome Back BBQ

Friday, September 29th – Orange Shirt Day


We will be starting our spelling lists right away. List will be introduced on September 11th and tested on September 15th.

Our list for the first few weeks are ‘No Excuse’ words. These lists will be to review and ease into the spelling lists.

  1. for
  2. this
  3. every
  4. off
  5. they
  6. about
  7. have
  8. one
  9. to
  10. on

Reminders and Other Information:

Just a few things to get us started for the year. I sent home a newsletter, and some of this information was on there, but some of this is new also.

  • If you have not yet brought in kleenex boxes, paint shirt and gym shoes, please do so as soon as possible
  • A criminal record check will be MANDATORY to be in the classroom or to participate on field trips, please make sure you have these on file at the office, or get the process started right away
  • Water bottles – I would encourage each student to have a water bottle … we don’t have a water fountain in the classroom, so it is important to bring their own
  • Planners have fone home and this will be an effective way to communicate back and forth – I check it each morning. Please be sure to bring it to school EVERY day.
  • Tell Me About Your Child information sheets went home this week, and I would appreciate if you would fill it out and send it back to class with your child. It is helpful for me to have some information to get the year started off right, and to know what you want me to know about your child.
  • Our gym days are Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, please make sure to send your child with gym strip and gym shoes as we will be starting to learn those routines next week.
  • Library is on Thursday
  • Scholastic: periodically you will receive a scholastic book order. If you wish to order you can do so online with our class code: RC155750

Seesaw: Sometime over the next few days you will be receiving an invite to Seesaw. This is an online platform that will allow me to share pictures with you. If you don’t get it in your inbox, (check your junk mail too), please let me know and I will figure out why it hasn’t come through. It is a new program to me, and so I am learning as I go. When you receive this invitation please accept it. It is a great way for me to share what is going on in the classroom, and you can feel free to comment as well.

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