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It’s hard to believe we have reached the end of November and are entering into the business of December and the Christmas season! There is a lot going on this month, but so many things to enjoy and look forward to. I love Christmas and this whole season!

Today’s update feels a little long-winded, sorry about that, but there is a lot going on and I want to keep you informed!

Important Dates in December:

December 1st – Food Drive Assembly – we will be kicking off our annual food drive! More information below.

December 2nd – Pay to wear casual clothes. This is a fundraiser for the HS Leadership Team. Students have the option of paying $2 to wear play clothes on this day.

December 3rd – Christmas Clubs from 3:15-4:15 – Primary Clubs are optional.

December 4th – Report Cards go home

December 11th

  • Pro-D Day
  • Parent Teacher Interviews in the afternoon (more information about this closer too the time)

December 14th – Grade 4-12 Christmas Concert in the evening at 7pm

December 16th – End of Food Drive

December 18th – Primary Christmas Concert and the Last Day before Christmas Holidays!! (Students are dismissed immediately following the concert).


List will be introduced on Monday, November 30th and tested on Friday, December 4th

  1. why
  2. every
  3. proud
  4. happy
  5. son
  6. with
  7. our
  8. same
  9. fine
  10. name
  11. read
  12. word
  13. daddy
  14. girl
  15. never
  16. forget
  17. think
  18. life
  19. under
  20. lord

Bible Memory

We are beginning to work on a short poem that we will be performing during the Christmas Concert.

Reminders and Other Information:

  • Return your home reading books on Monday (once again poetry was not sent home as we did not have school on Monday and did not add a new poem)
  • Just a reminder that dress boots are not part of our school uniform. Students are more than welcome to change into boots for recess, but black/white shoes must be worn in the classroom and hallways.
  • Primary Christmas Concert – Our Primary Christmas Concert will be on Friday, December 18th at 9:30am. The Grade Two’s will be dressing up as wise men. We will be working on a poem that we will be saying in the concert.
  • Scholastic Book Orders – the last Scholastic Catalogues before Christmas have gone home. if you would like to order some books for Christmas be sure to get those in!
  • Salvation Army Food Drive
    • Food Drive begins on December 1st and ends on December 16th
    • This is a great chance to talk with your children about how we can give, out of our own abundance, to those who have less than us. The primary class with the most donations will win a pizza party prize.
    • Students will receive 1 point per food item, however, if students bring a food item from the preferred food list they will receive 5 points. We would like to encourage the donation of nutritious cans and dried goods rather than simply trying to earn points.
      • Preferred food list items:
        • canned tuna
        • macaroni dinner/KD
        • canned vegetable soup
        • canned chicken noodle soup
        • canned tomato soup
        • chunky soup
        • canned tomato sauce
        • spaghetti/pasta
        • peanut butter
        • canned fruit
  • We are all gearing up for the Christmas season and it is time to decorate! On December 1st I would like to spend some time decorating and celebrating that Christmas is upon us. I’m wondering if any parents would be willing/able to help out in the following ways (Sorry for the late notice, I realized I should have sent out this request on last weeks update):
    • 3 or 4 parents who would be willing to help out in class from 1:15-3pm
    • 3 parents who are able to send some treats for us to enjoy in the afternoon

If you are able please send me an email or leave a note in your child’s planner.

  • Skating was once again a huge success, although I came home with a few more bumps and bruises this time 🙂 Thanks to all the parents who came out and skated with the kids. As well as helping to lace up all those skates, so helpful!

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