Hey Everyone!

Thanks for a great second day. I enjoyed talking to several of you this morning, and look forward to more conversations tomorrow 🙂

I also want to say a huge thank you for your support, encouragement and involvement so far. I recognize this is not easy, and that it is a big learning curve for everyone, including me. It has been a steep, and at times, overwhelming change, and I am learning and figuring things out along the way as you are.

That being said, feedback is appreciated. I will ask some specific questions in the next couple days, but I also want you to feel free to let me know what is working well for you, or if your are finding something more challenging. This will help me to shape where we go from here.

Just a reminder to you all: this season is not homeschool, it is school at home. You are not responsible for teaching and figuring out where to go, you are facilitating and helping your child do what I am asking. And school at home is not the same as school. This is teaching in a crisis situation, so it is not expected that your child is doing school for 6 hours a day. We want to take things nice and slow, figure it out as we go, not try to go full tilt right from the get go and be overwhelmed.

Any questions, let me know 🙂

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