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We are starting our Home Reading program. Each student is being sent home with a book. My goal is to read with each student once a week.

Inside of the Home Reading bag is a Home Reading sheet for you to sign each night that you read with your child. Under the title of the book, there are 5 spaces for you to date and sign that you read THAT book with your child. You may only sign it once per day. After you have read the book on 5 different days, it can be returned, I will read with your child, and then I will send a new book home. Ideally, you will do one book per week. It will not be an assigned day to return the book, return it once you have read 5 days.

When students reach a certain level in their reading, they will NOT be sent home with a specific book to read, but will need to be reading at home still. The Home Reading sheet will be sent home and I’m asking that you sign it every¬† day that your child reads (chapter books or picture books). When students have completed a home reading sheet, they can return it for a prize.

There are some students that do not have home reading books from me, but will be receiving home reading books from Mrs. Wilson in Learning Assistance.

When they read with me, I will be checking for fluency, as well as comprehension of the book they have read. If I feel they are successful in reading and understanding the book, then I will send them home with a new book. If they still need a little bit of work on it, I will re-send them home with the same book to get a little more practice before we try again.

Asking your child to retell a story, or questions about what they are reading is helpful for them in gaining understanding. Questions like: who is the story about? What was the problem in the story?  What is the summary of the story? What do you think might happen next?

Reading for understanding is crucial, reading to read words doesn’t get us very far.

It is very important that you are reading every night at home. I love when you read other books with your children, but please ensure that you are taking the time to read the age and level appropriate book that I send home each night also. I realize it may seem a bit redundant, but it is important for your child to build fluency and to have good comprehension. I appreciate the support in helping your children grow in this area.

Any questions, let me know.


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